Design page of Erwin Woldring, for designs, concepts and advise on small scale production.

This is the newspage of EWOL, the site of Erwin Woldring. Here I will post all kinds of new projects that I'm working on. Not only my own projects, but also projects of other makers and designers that I find interesting.

11-02-2016 Winded the pickups on the lathe, the wire goes through the holes in the screwdrivers from the roll to the pickup. After that the pickups go in their housings and are bolted to the metal top

19-01-2016 I decided to build my own pickups and orderded some nice Alnico 5 magnets from ze US of A. Now I have to wind them with 7500 turns of copper wire and put them in their brass housings. After that, magnetizing the pole pieces between 2 strong Neodymium magnets.

After glueing the sides I realised it was not strong enough, so I went for some reinforcements. Now we can really throw this guitar around without breaking it!

18-01-2016 Currently working on this one. Metal arch top guitar. 4 strings must be enough. This time I'm also making the neck myself. Body sides and neck of Cherry wood, the bottom of 3 layers of hardrock maple, glued in a vacuum mold. The top of o,8 mm steel, hammered to shape and smoothened out by the English Wheel. All other parts will be brass.

18-01-2016 Another already finished project, the bastgitaar, Dutch for "barkguitar". Great sounding with Fender Precision pickups and a body of light Yellow Poplar. Rusty nails to hang it low.

15-01-2016 A great wooden shelter made by the French Penelope from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. This one is now on the graveyard opposite the academy, giving shelter to people thinking about their lost ones.

10-01-2016 Some old pictures of my Bo Diddley bass guitar project, before I post the new guitar. This one is carved out of mahogany, hollow body with a vintage Hofner neck. Old Hofner single coil pickups and the rest is polished stainless steel hand made stuff.

06-10-2015 Here are the prototypes of some kitchenlamps. Welded steel wire, sandblasted and finaly sprayed in the spraying boot.
Now they are ready for mounting the fittings for the lamps and of course the wiring.