Complete boards: 595 EURO

The slideboards are available as complete boards. Check the part section to learn more about how the slideboards are built. When ordered, the boards can be assembled with the color of wheels of your liking (when available). The boards will be packed in a box, partly disassembled. All parts are high quality products, mostly made in our own workshop. We dare say the slideboards are 99% hand built!

The Deck

All the slideboard decks are made from Amarican hard rock maple. Cold glued in a 40 tons press, and finished to the rough shape. The underside of the decks has a special hand screen printed, low friction, layer as we know from snowboards. It gives a perfect base to slide over various objects like copings and handrails, but also over wood and concrete.
The board is stiffened with carbon and Dyneema, and extra Dyneema is used to strenghten the inserts. The inserts are stainless steel and used to connect the front and rear suspension.

All the decks are Medium Flex, suitable for riders up to 100 Kg.

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The Wheels

Also the wheels are produced in our own workshop. High grade aluminum is used to make the rims and bushings. The wheels are bolted and glued and are supplied with high quality bearings.
The tire is made of polyurethane. It gives lot of grip and provides a fast ride.

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The Hardware

All of the hardware is produced in our own workshop. All the aluminum parts are perfectly finished and sprayed in the right colors. The steel parts, front and rear suspension, are TIG welded, finished and powder coated.

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